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Pejepscot Historical Society

Pejepscot Historical Society Facts

Established in 1888, Pejepscot Historical Society is one of Maine's oldest historical organizations.

Pejepscot Historical Society has the Joshua Chamberlain research collection, which is the largest repository of Chamberlain material assembled in a single place, and the Pejepscot Archives, a collection of documentary and manuscript material including more than 15,000 local photographs. It also has materials for genealogical research.

It also has resources for genealogical research.

The Pejepscot Museum, Research Library, and administrative offices at 159 Park Row are open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. year round.

The Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum at 226 Maine Street is the adult home of Joshua L. Chamberlain and his family. Chamberlain was the hero of Little Round Top at Gettysburg during the Civil War, Governor of Maine, and President of Bowdoin College. Guided tours explore Chamberlain's life, family and career.

The Skolfield-Whittier House at 161 Park Row is a time-capsule like home of three generations of a prominent Brunswick family with careers in seafaring, medicine and education. Among the former residents are Alfred Skolfield a successful sea captain, Dr. Alice A.S. Whittier, Maine's first female pediatrician, and Dr. Frank Whittier, one of America's first forensic pathologists.

Closed and unheated for sixty years, the house remains exactly as it was in 1925 when it was last occupied on a full time basis. It has collections complete to the receipts used in the house's construction and 1920's spices in the kitchen spice racks. Its seventeen rooms are viewed during personalized guided tours that provide an unparalleled glimpse into nineteenth-century upper-middle-class life in Maine.

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